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Heating cables

Scope of Application:
   Applicable to high-temperature environments of metallurgy, petroleum, chemistry, dryer, boiler, power station, firefighting equipment, household electric furnace, natural gas and stove, cables with fire-resistance property which all kinds of electric installation need.
   This product is manufactured in accordance with enterprise standard. Products widely applied in steel metallurgy, petroleum, chemistry, power station, nuclear power station, space flight and aviation household electric appliance, industrial drying boiler, fire sensor below rated AC voltage 750V .Working temperature 350 ---800, insulation resistance ≥400Ω/m, bending radius 100, environment lowest temperature -60 still can maintain its pliability.
Product Property
   Rated Temperature: 500 ---800
   Rated Voltage: 750 V
   Conductor uses bare copper, nickelage or single piece of pure nickel wire 0.5-25mm2 or stranded conductor.
   Insulation uses natural mica tape to cover, weaved by fiberglass thread, imported high temperature mica glue fired by vacuum high temperature, colors have red, blue, white, yellow, green, brown, black ( general color is cream yellow), sintered by tetra fluoride emulsion.
   Goods delivery length is no less than 10 meters short wires, its amount cannot surpass 20% of its delivery total amount
   Chemistry plant uses fire-resistant conductor and stainless steel woven mesh, which can be used in severe environments of erosion, weathering and abrasion.
type Standard section Conductor structure
(pieces/line diameter)
Maximum cores number
YN GN500-01
(bare copper)500
YN GN 500-02
YN GN500-03
(pure nickel wire)800
0.35 7/0.25 28
0.5 7/0.30 24
0.75 11/0.30 22
1 14/0.30 20
1.5 21/0.30 16
2 28/0.30 16
2.5 35/0.30 14
4 56/0.30 8
6 84/0.30 8
10 140/0.30 4
16 226/0.30 4
25 353/0.30 4


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