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Wire Drawing / Micron wire Drawing Annealing
Bosheng Alloys has extensive wire drawing capabilities. We have 80 wire drawing machines, including 12 micron-wire drawing machine, enabling wire to be produced in diameters from 0.025mm up to 10.00mm. Wire is drawn in a variety of materials including the nickel chrome alloys, Fe-Cr-Al alloys, nickel copper alloys, Precision resistance alloys, Thermocouple alloys, high temperature alloys, nickel alloy welding wires. 

Our annealing facilities comprise 4 strand annealing lines.

Ribbon, flat wire and strip

Bosheng Alloys has substantial capability in producing resistance tape or ribbon, flat wire and strip. All products can be manufactured either to specified resistance or dimension.

Bosheng Alloys have a variety of strip processing equipment – strip slitting or shearing lines, edge processing, cut to length and traverse winding spooling machines.

Ribbon can be produced in thicknesses from 0.05mm up to 1.0mm and from 0.20mm wide to 4.0mm.
Flat wire can be rolled up to 10.00mm wide and 4.00mm thick, depending on the temper of the material.
Strip can be sheared from 0.025mm thick up to 6.50mm, and widths from 0.65mm to 1100mm.

Stranding and Bunching

Bosheng Alloys operates a range of tubular stranding equipment, of different tube sizes and bay numbers, capable of producing stranded wire ropes in pure nickel alloys, nickel chrome alloys, nickel copper alloys, Thermocouple alloys. The largest machine is an 37 bay tubular strander.

Wires can be stranded from annealed or hard material, in a variety of constructions, with pre and post forming to ensure the strand is tight and runs straight without twist. Strand can be manufactured to resistance and set spool lengths or as cut lengths as required.
For applications that require annealed strands, the finished strand can be annealed using the strand annealing lines.

Cut to Length Wire

Bosheng Alloys has a comprehensive range of straighten and cut to length machines. The capability extends from very fine wires to large diameter, and flat wires, stranded wires and strip products.

Bosheng Alloys has a particular expertise in the straightening and cutting to length of very fine wires. We regularly cut wires from 0.1mm diameter to superb levels of accuracy and straightness – without any compromise to surface finish.

We straighten and cut all material types, from soft copper to high tensile spring wires, and from simple mild steel to precious metals. 

Wire up to 10.0mm diameter, and in lengths from 1.0mm to 3.00m (longer available by request) can be cut to length.

Rewinding and Spooling

Wire can be supplied in coils of specified dimensions and weights. Additionally, we can supply the wire on spools that are available in a range of standard sizes and weights.
An additional service provided by Bosheng Alloys is coil to spool rewinding, spool to spool rewinding, and for fine wire, specialized multi-head precision spooling.

Wire coating

Bosheng Alloys’ program includes several types of metallic coatings such as anodizing, electroplating and electropolishing. All coatings are available in various colors. As a standard we offer gold-plated wire, nickel-plated wire and silver-plated wire, but also other types of electroplating can be manufactured on request.
Products are available in hard, bright annealed , and special temper finish on request. 


Bosheng enable alloy wire to offer a truly comprehensive service, we are constantly developing our manufacturing range. This now includes the ability to manufacture shaped wires in the customers choice of material. If you can not see the material that you require or you have a specific shape that you would like producing, simply email the profile and quantities to us and we will be happy to give you a quote. 


Bosheng alloys' Heating cables programs operated by imported machines, we have 14 High speed braiders, 8 of them are auto braider.

Packings/Small quantities/Delivery

Bosheng offer a wide variety of packaging in the form of coils, spools and cut lengths. All items are clearly labelled with customer’s order number, material, dimensions, net weight, gross weight, resistance, inspector and date. We can supply neutral labels or labels with customer’s name. Spacial packaging to individual requirements may be available on request.  

Bosheng offer you small quantities from MOQ, We produce shaped alloys to your exact specification in just the quantity you require. 
All products are packed by wooden pallet to avoid breaken for transporting by sea or by air or courier on door. 

Danyang Bosheng Alloys Material Factory Limited occupies over 12000 sq meters of manufacturing located in Dangyang city, Jiangsu provenience close to Hu-Ning expressway and railway, about 2hours ride to Shanghai. 



Wire Drawing/Thin wire Drawing/ Annealing
Ribbon, flat wire and strip
Stranding and Bunching
Cut to Length Wire 
Rewinding and Spooling
Wire coating
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